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Milbon Hair Treatments from Japan

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We are excited to bring this exclusive line of professional salon treatments and home care to our salon. The #1 professional hair line in Japan, Milbon is known for their cutting-edge product development and innovative solutions for hair of all types.

Milbon brought CAT-scan technology to hair care for the first time. Their research gives us a great visual when it comes to damaged hair. Hair stylists really appreciate this because it helps us explain to clients what happens to hair when it's over processed or damaged from chemicals and hot tools. Their imaging reveals what they call stick-shaped voids, or SSVs, which are hollow, tube-like gaps that form in chemically treated hair. These voids are what contributes to the overall loss of shine, split ends, and hair breakage. Milbon treatments are designed to help fill in these voids, which means hair can have more shine and less visible signs of damage.

Milbon's Unique Salon + Home Care Regimen

We are excited about this two phase treatment! To achieve the best results, Milbon developed a unique treatment cycle that starts in the salon with a deep-conditioning treatment continues at home with weekly boosters. It's a 5 week beauty cycle known as Milbon's Signature Care. You can book this treatment at Colour Me Beautiful. Based on your hair type, we'll do a personalized Milbon deep conditioning treatment. Then we'll send you home with weekly doses of the treatment.

Weekly Boosters

milbon home kit of boostersEach professional deep-conditioning treatment includes a home care kit containing four weekly boosters─to refresh and prolong salon results. You'll use 1 vial per week for four weeks in place of your regular conditioner. After shampooing, just massage into wet hair and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For even better results. you can use Milbon's corresponding shampoo, conditioner, available at the salon too!

Because this treatment is personalized to your hair type and texture, there are different formulations available.

  • Smooth - instantly detangles for hair that's shiny and silky smooth
  • Moisture -  for dull, dry, and porous hair
  • Repair -  for damaged hair, over processed hair
  • Repair Heat - to help repair heat damaged hair
  • Anti Frizz  - for frizz prone hair
  • Volume - for fine limp and flat hair
  • Reawakening - renews shine and hydration for more youthful hair
  • Scalp - for dry, itchy, oily or flaking scalp issues
  • Extended-added to any color service like hair color to protect your hair

Milbon Home Care Products

We also stock a wide range of Milbon hair care and styling products at the salon.

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