Perms & Body Waves

perms and body waves in Albuquerque
Yes, we do Perms at Colour Me Beautiful Salon!

Perms go by all kinds of names, and call it what you want, this chemical curl treatment is making a come back. For a while, everyone wanted to super straight hair. It's nice to see curls coming back in fashion but this time around, it's not just women getting perms and body waves. Adding soft waves and reshaping curls can actually provide a real solution for anyone who wants a little help styling their hair.

What is a Perm

In case you weren't around in the 80s, let's refresh. A perm is a chemical treatment used to alter the texture of the hair, either by adding curl, or reforming existing curl. The entire head is divided into small sections, and hair is wrapped around rods or rollers to give hair it's new shape once chemicals are applied. The name perm came from the word permanent, which is kind of a misnomer. Although somewhat permanent, results will fade after a several months. Hair will then need to be re-permed if you want to keep the curls.

Types of Perms

There is no single type of perm service. Although the chemicals used may have similarities, it's really the technique that makes each perm unique. Based on your hair type and growth pattern, we can direct and correct your hair. No one has total uniformity throughout their entire head. Straight hair clients might want more fullness and body around the crown, others just wish their hair would hold a style better. Wavy hair clients might love the way their soft S curls when hair is damp but wish they had more staying power when hair is dry. Curly hair clients make the rest of us jealous! But they often find that their curls are too tight in one area and too loose in another. Perms can help with all of these little styling concerns.

perms and body waves in Albuquerque

Beach Wave Perms

A beach wave perm uses large rods and rollers to give you that tousled look like you just took a walk on the beach. You can easily style your beachy waves with some sea salt texturizing spray and have an easy, no fuss look. 

Body Waves

For those that want to add more body, we might use a medium sized rod. With a little body wave, you can easily style your hair straight, with extra style memory, or you can encourage the waves with styling product. Either way, you'll enjoy extra body and fullness with a body wave. More and more men and teen boys are trying perms, which opens up a lot of style options on hair that is normally straight.

Spiral Perms

Longing for a head of corkscrew curls? We can use a different style rod designed to add tighter curls on longer lengths.

Soft Curly Perms

Already blessed with lots of curl and texture? A soft curly perm and reshape your tighter curls and coils into large loops. A soft curly perm can also help get more uniformity in your curl patterns.

How much does a perm service cost?

The cost of the service will vary depending on the time it takes. So the length and density of your hair will be a factor, and whether we're doing a full perm vs partial head. Our perm service starts at $85 and you can come in for a free consultation to get a better idea of what the final cost will be.