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Hair Color Correction

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Hair color correction requires skill, an advanced knowledge of color theory, and an unwavering commitment to protect the health of the hair. Whether you're seeking color correction services to fix a box-dye disaster or to pull off a challenging hair color maneuver, patience is key. It can be tempting to try a quick fix, but this can sometimes make the problem worse, especially when chemicals are involved.

Hair Color Gone Wrong

Please don't feel too ashamed to give us a call! We have seen it all when it comes to hair color problems, including over bleached hair, streaky highlights and even green hair. 

Brassy blonde hair color:  Hair that is improperly bleached or bleached hair that is overexposed to the sun can turn orange. We can correct brassy tones by using professional products and treatments to neutralize yellow or orange tones.

Flat, dark hair color:  Drugstore hair dye may sound like a simple way to color your hair but the color never turns out like picture on the box.  And repeated use of box dyes will created banded, overlapping results. We can lift out the unwanted color and/or add highlights or lowlights to create the look of natural dimension.

Bleach damaged hair:  Only an expert should apply chemicals to your hair in order to avoid burning, breakage or serious damage to the length and condition of your hair during the lightening process. When it comes to reversing hair damage or preventing further damage, we recommend bond building treatments like B3 Brazilian Bond Builder.

Home balayage gone wrong:  Balayage is a technical hair coloring service that should be left to the experts.  If you tried a home highlighting kit and wish you hadn't, please book a consultation. Using a combination of highlights, lowlights, a toner or color gloss, we can blend in harsh colors and offset unwanted shades.

Other Types of Hair Color Correction

We use color correction for more than just fixing bad color jobs. Whenever we're dealing with big color changes, like taking dark hair to platinum, and doing a challenging multi-step service like vivid color, we are technically performing color correction.

hair color correction Albuquerque

Tone & Color Balancing

You may have an imbalance of tones in your hair from previous bleaching or over highlighting. Sometimes, we can reduce warm tones in highlighted hair by applying a toner. In cases where a toner application is simply not enough, we perform color correction to create the right balance. This could involve lightening the hair all over to remove the unwanted hair color, then adding base color with highlights in more flattering shades.

Transformative Blonding

When a client has naturally dark hair, or previously dyed hair, and wants to go much lighter or platinum blonde, we call that extreme lifting. We need to use bleach to lighten the hair and a toner to neutralize brassy tones. Whether the client wants an all-over blonde effect, or would like a dimensional blonde or rooted look, such a drastic color change may require multiple services in a single visit, or repeat visits to the salon.

Vivid Color

Those bright fashion colors can also involve big color changes. If you have medium brown hair and want to wear a vivid blue or green, it will require a double process to get that intense hue you want. First we use bleach to remove your hair's melanin to lighten your hair to a pale white-yellowing color. Then we deposit your fashion color on this blank canvas. This is the best way to achieve the vibrant hair colors.  And when you're so over mermaid green and want to rock fire engine red, we start the process all over again. If you're a fan of vivid color, you have to be ready for the commitment to not only keep up your color appointments but also to take extra care of your hair with bond builders and deep conditioners.

Hair Color Removal

"How do I remove hair dye" is a popular Google search. How to remove it from your clothes, your hands, the sink and especially your hair. If you've been in that situation, you know the home remedies may fade it, but they won't remove that drugstore hair dye. But it is possible to strip or bleach away unwanted hair color using a chemical process, but this is best left to the professionals!  In some cases, depending on the hair color used, it may be possible to strip away the color and return to your natural color. In other cases, it won't be possible instantly to return to your natural color, but your natural color can be re-created professionally.

Book a Hair Color Correction Appointment

If you think you need hair color correction, we encourage you to come in for a free consultation. We can properly assess your hair and give you an estimate for the service.

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hair color correction in albuquerque
Bridgette Schlomann
I needed help fixing a bad hair coloring from another salon. Debbie got me in quickly and was able to color my hair exactly how I wanted it the first time. It was very clean and the ladies were very sweet and welcoming. This is my first time at this hair salon and I am going to continue getting my hair done from Debbie!
Thank you Bridgette! I was very happy with the results we were able to achieve with your hair.
hair color correction in albuquerque
Amber B
My daughter got a cut, color and style, then highlights. She’s in love! My niece got a color correction after paying $300 elsewhere and is in love also! We won’t go anywhere else but to Debbie at CMB