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We are the balayage masters! Seriously...we earned our Master of Balayage certification.

Highlighting is one of our most popular services at Colour Me Beautiful. Whether you have light hair, brunette hair or very dark tresses, we have the expertise to add those sun-kissed highlights and face-framing pieces that will look great on you. Depending on how noticeable you want your highlights to be, we use several different professional techniques.

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Traditional Foil Highlights

Blonde highlights can be as natural or as bold as you would like it, using as many foils as the hair will allow. Foil is the traditional application for both highlights and lowlights, but there are various techniques we use to distribute the highlights through your hair. You can opt for a full head of highlights, which is ideal for anyone who wears their hair up so that the lighter color is seen throughout. You could also choose a partial highlights to touch up the top and around the crown. Accent foils are just a handful of foils placed around the face, usually to add extra brightness.

Highlights vs Lowlights

Highlights are a few shades lighter than your base color and are a great way to give hair a multi tonal effect. Add interest to brunette or black hair colors with warm caramel shades or honey toned highlights. Lowlights are used to darken lighter hair colors and are typically a few shades darker than your base color, though they make an impact when it comes to creating depth in your color. We can often use lowlights to add interest to naturally grey hair.


A fancy word for a look that uses foils for a balayage effect, teasylights refers to when sections of hair are teased before lightener is applied, accentuating hair from the mid length down. It's a way to get the look of balayage while sticking with a foil highlight process. Foil highlights tend to produce brighter results, thanks to the foils. So if you want that balayage look AND blonde that is more noticeable, please tell us. Teasylights may be the way to go for you.


Babylights are traditional foil highlights using a delicate technique to mimic the subtle, multi dimensional hair color seen on children’s hair. Babylights are subtle and natural looking blonde highlights and make a low maintenance color option. Babylights are a great way to introduce color to your hair in a subtle way. They work best on fine hair, and can be applied to any hair color or length of hair. The babylights should be fine around the hairline and parting, with a gentle graduation of color that is lighter at the ends.

Money Piece Foils

Money Piece are accent foil highlights to add a bright frame of blonde around the face. These are perfect for those that want obvious blonde pieces around the face. It's an easy way to freshen up your look without a lot of fuss. Our stylists who do a lot of highlights will tell you they spend the most time foiling around the front hairline because it’s what’s most noticeable, especially with blonde clients. So why not get your face framing highlights, or money piece foils, touched up in between your full balayage/highlight appointments. It’s a cost effective way to keep your blonde highlights looking fresh with an amazing grow out. If you tend to go 3+ months in between your full highlights, try coming in for a toning service along with some money piece face framing foils to keep your hair from looking grown out and brassy! 

Balayage (Hand Painting)

Balayage hair color, also referred to as hand painted highlights, is a popular hair color technique used to add natural, subtle-looking highlights or lowlights. We are highly trained and have a Master of Balayage certification. We know how to create sensational lived in looks using the balayage highlighting technique.  

Balayage uses a specific type of lightener and an exact application. Our balayage experts will create a customized, natural-looking hair color that appears sunkissed and effortless with the hair color soft at the roots and lightening gradually toward the ends. 

The hand painting method for highlights is so popular because it looks great on every hair color. Because of the exact placement of the highlights, balayage has a way of contouring the face.  It is low maintenance, meaning fewer visits to the salon for a hair color service.  Plus, balayage is not just for blondes!  It can look sensational with all hair colors including fashion shades and pastel colors.

Although balayage uses a brush as with foil highlights, the application technique is different. In balayage, we paint each section of hair as desired to create the highlights. If you've tried traditional foil highlights before, you'll notice that you get a softer, richer result with balayage highlights. 

Foilayage or Foilyage

Ok, it's not a real word but what else would we call a balayage that takes advantage of foils. It's balayage with extra lifting time, thanks to the foils. More lift means a little lighter and brighter, like a booster, since balayage tends to produce more subtle results.

Ombre Hair

The two are often confused but are similar. Think of it this way- balayage is a technique, ombre hair is a look. that flow of color from root to tip, gradually changing from one color to another.

All these hair color terms feel overwhelming? Don't get hung up on the lingo! Just tell us what you like or show us your inspiration and we'll understand! We'll even combine techniques if we need to so that you get the look you want.

Will Highlights Look Good On Me?

No matter the technique used, highlights have a way of flattering everyone. Talk to us about the look you want and how noticeable you want your highlights to be. That will help us determine the highlighting technique we should use. If you are unsure, book a free hair consultation to discuss the look you desire and assess the color and condition of your hair.

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Are you ready to go lighter and brighter? Give a foil highlights or balayage hand painting a try. We are a certified balayage masters and can help you determine which type of highlights are right for you, depending on how bright you want to be. Text 505-458-5001 to request an appointment or book online today.

The Difference Between Balayage & Foil Highlights
Traditional highlights are created by selecting pieces of hair, covering it with lightener from root to tip, and wrapping in foil, resulting in brighter, noticeable pieces of color. Wrapping hair in foil keeps the lightener from drying too quickly, because once dry, the lightener stops working. Balayage is more about the selective placement of the highlights. Balayage highlights are applied from midway to the tip, to accent the lengths of hair, whereas foil highlights go from root to tip.

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Highlights & Balayage Reviews for Colour Me Beautiful in Albuquerque

Best Balayage and Blonde Highlights Salon in Albuquerque
C Musgrave
Love Kristen - she is amazing. She not only is amazing with hair but is just an all Around wonderful person!
Aww, I think you\'re amazing as well. Thank you!
Best Balayage and Blonde Highlights Salon in Albuquerque
Diana C
Colour Me Beautiful is a great salon. I always leave satisfied with the services I receive from Kristen. Shop location is easy to get to from any part of town.
Thank you so much for always supporting me!
Best Balayage and Blonde Highlights Salon in Albuquerque
Mari J
Debbie is a miracle worker! My hair has been fried and awful for years. She gave me amazing highlights and blended everything perfectly. I didn’t even think it was possible for my hair to feel so healthy. I will definitely only be going there from now on♥️
Thank you Mari, it was my pleasure. The Olaplex, combined with the Silk Lift lightener, produces amazing results! I am thrilled with the outcome of your highlights.

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