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If you're thinking about a new hair color, you'll love this hair color trend alert. Blondes are adding contrast and dimension. Brunettes are embracing their natural dimension and adding subtle highlights for big impact. Here are two looks to note that will take you through any season. We don't think these popular looks are going anywhere, this casual hair color look is here to stay!

Dimensional Blonde Hair

By adding dimension, you bring your color to life, accent your features, and even give your complexion a lift. In these blonde hair examples, notice the look is not fussy. The blonde doesn't go all the way to the roots.  The darker tones add contrast around the face, especially with darker brows, for a flattering look.

What is all this talk about dimensional blonde hair anyway? It's about creating more contrast in blonde hair, by either adding highlights and lowlights, or by adding a shadow root. A shadow root is accomplished by either letting more of your darker regrowth show, or by duplicating the look with a single process color only at the roots.  

 If you typically wear solid blonde, or if you go heavy on the foil highlights, you might consider adding some darker tones for dimension.  Don't worry, this wouldn't make your hair dark! In fact, it will make your blonde pieces stand out more.

Brunette Hair is Back!

Welcome back, brunettes! In these examples, the new brunette look is also casual. Regrowth is longer, giving a highlight effect that is concentrated from mid-length to tips. This look works for dark blondes, light brown and all brunette hair colors.

We can credit the pandemic for helping us rediscover our natural hair color, and for helping us embrace it! We definitely see more brunettes rocking their natural color and letting their brown hair grow in gracefully. If you were born a brunette beauty and would like to enhance your natural color, think about adding subtle highlights to the lengths of your hair or around the face. Natural hair has a range of tones. If your hair had only one shade all over, it would look flat, which is way your colorist may suggest adding some contrast. 

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