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Hair Color is Our Passion!

Feel like a change? A new hair color could be just the thing you need! Your hair color change need not be a dramatic transformation, even a subtle change in color can make a difference.  If you want to show off your features, look a little younger or give hair volume and shine, hair color can help. Tell us your concerns and we'll make suggestions and go over the different options for hair color and their benefits. We can choose from permanent hair color or semi-permanent color, toners and glosses. Of course we can talk about lighteners too, such as highlights or adding more blonde to your hair.

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Single Process Color - One Hair Color All Over

Single process can mean a few things. A single process hair color service is one that can be processed in one step. A single development time, a single shampoo.  An example of a single process color is all over shade applied all over, covering the entire head. There are three levels of single process color: semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent, each vary in strength and in how long they last. This process changes the color of your entire head of hair, giving you a new, one-dimensional tone.

Gloss Color

A gloss service is a single process color but you get a two in one benefit. Using a demi-permanent color, color is applied all over the head with added shine and softness. So if you come in for a haircut in between your big color services, consider adding a gloss service to give your color a refresh. A demi-permanent gloss service is also a nice option for those who like dramatic color changes. If you go red during the winter and plan on lightening up in the spring, a demi-permanent color is easier for us to lift off later.

Double Process Color - 2 Step Hair Color

By contrast, a double process hair color service requires multiple steps. It's almost like getting two different services in one visit. The first step is applied, processed, and rinsed before the next process can begin.

Examples of a double process hair color:

  • All over color + foil highlights.  This service updates your overall base color before highlights are added.
  • Bleach + Tone.  This service lightens your entire head first, then a toner is applied to neutralize any harsh or brassy tones.
  • Vivid Color. Typically, before a vivid hair color can be applied, the entire head must be lightened in order to create a light canvas and maximize color fidelity and intensity. Then pigment, or multiple pigments, is applied to create the desired look.

Grey Hair Coverage

Covering resistant grey hairs is a job best left to a skilled hair colorist. They can quickly get rid of unwanted white or grey hair with the correct formulation and a precision application. Your hair stylist can assess how your color varies around your head and make adjustments. This will assure there is no overlapping of color – often the result of using box hair dye - only beautiful healthy, shiny looking hair!

Transitional Grey Hair

The opposite of grey hair coverage here! Transitional Grey Hair is all about letting your grey hair grow in - without the awkward grow in phase. We'll analyze your grey roots to match your color and your natural salt and pepper pattern. Then leaving your roots alone, we'll color the rest of your hair. A transitional grey hair service can create a subtle low-maintenance look or it can take you straight to a dimensional silver! This is typically a multi-step service involving multiple methods to recreate the look of natural grey hair.

Root Touch Up - Cover New Growth

To avoid a color difference between your roots and the rest of your hair, it is important that you book a root touch up appointment at regular intervals. A root touch up service is designed to cover new growth and grey hair with single color applied to the roots.

Root Melt Hair Color

There are few names for this look.  A rooted look, shadow root, root pull, or root smudge. As the name implies, it's all about the roots. This look is not the same as a root touch up. In fact, a root melt emphasizes the roots. After getting blonde highlights, some clients like to have a blended effect at the top of the head. They don't like the ribbon effect that foil highlights can reveal on some hair. A root melt service involves a demi or semi permanent hair color applied at the roots and pulled down a few inches. The rooted look gives you a lived-in hair color.

Vivid Hair Color, Fashion Colors

It's a new age in hair color. Wearing bright, funky hair color isn't so shocking anymore. From rainbow hair to subtle rose gold tones, there's no one way to play your fantasy hair color. Whether you're ready to dive into mermaid hair or experiment with softer shades of violet, pink or green hair color, we'll help you express your personal style!

We use high quality professional hair pigments which can be intermixed to create a completely unique look for you. They also fade true to tone over time, which means they'll wash out without losing the shade values.  Your ocean blue won't turn into mint green!

We can do it, whether you want a a single vivid color or a rainbow of color. Mermaid hair, unicorn hair, Rihanna red, violet hair, purple hair, green hair, blue hair, granny grey hair, silver hair, metallic hair.

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best hair color salon in Albuquerque
C Musgrave
Love Kristen - she is amazing. She not only is amazing with hair but is just an all Around wonderful person!
Aww, I think you\'re amazing as well. Thank you!
best hair color salon in Albuquerque
Diana C
Colour Me Beautiful is a great salon. I always leave satisfied with the services I receive from Kristen. Shop location is easy to get to from any part of town.
Thank you so much for always supporting me!
best hair color salon in Albuquerque
Ashley M
I love this place! The salon is clean and beautiful. Kristen is amazing, skilled and professional. I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family.
best hair color salon in Albuquerque
Louise B
Kristin is the first hair dresser that I have gone to more than once. She knew what I wanted even though I didn’t know how to express my desire. Every time I’ve gone for coloring I have been extremely happy. In addition, I’m in and out of there within 1 1/2 hours. Aside from that, she has a very natural easy going nature that makes you want to become friends. She really rocks. The salon is neat as a pin, and the prices are more than reasonable.
best hair color salon in Albuquerque
Kayla Alexander via Google
Kristin is amazing! I have been going to her for years and she does great every time! She is very professional. I have never had a bad experience. She knows what color goes best with my skin tone. My hair always looks amazing and gets so many compliments on it! I would highly recommend this salon everyone is very professional and the salon is beautiful!
Thank you Kayla! I appreciate you so much!!
best hair color salon in Albuquerque
Shannon Hochmuth
Debbie is the absolute best! She listens to what the customer truly wants and makes it come to life. Her color and cuts grow out well and ensure you're not unhappy with your hair at any point. This is a must visit salon and Debbie is the last stylist you'll ever need!
Thank you Shannon! You are so fun to have in the salon:)