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If you want to be blonde or platinum, there is always a way.

You don't have to be born with it. With some determination and patience, you can get to the blonde hair color you've always wanted. Here is everything you need to know about going blonde and blonder, including the techniques, the looks, some examples, and a good idea of cost and maintenance.

Blonding & Platinum Techniques:

Whether you are looking to brighten your blonde locks or make the journey from dark hair color to platinum blonde, the blonde hair experts at Colour Me Beautiful are here to help. We have multiple options to create your perfect shade of blonde hair and can use a wide range of techniques to give you sensational results while protecting the health of your hair.

Full or Partial Foil Highlights

Depending on the client's desired look, it's possible to create a more obvious blonde look or a brighter blonde hair color with traditional foil highlights. In a full highlight service, we place foils all around the head, even underneath so when the client wears her hair up, the blonde color is consistent. With a partial foil, we cover the top section you would pull up in a half up- half down style, which may give your blonde a boost, but it does not cover the entire head.

Using a foil highlight technique, we can either take fine sections or thick sections of hair to lighten, which gives us flexibility. Chunky highlights around the face have a big impact and give leave an impression of blonder hair. But a full head of foil highlights does not lighten every piece of hair. There is contrast and dimension. 

Bleach & Tone

A bleach and tone service is what we stylists call on-scalp lightening and is used when the client wants that full coverage blonde hair with no roots showing. The bleach is brushed on, starting at the scalp, section by section without any foils. This step removes the pigment, leaving hair a pale yellow or white color. After, a toner is applied to neutralizes any undesirable brassy or orange undertones tones so that you're left with clear, bright blonde hair color. A toner does not lighten or color the hair.  The purple color of the toner itself is what does the work, purple is the opposite of gold, like a color corrective foundation. In fact, toner can be used on it's own, especially in between bleaching appointments, when brassiness reappears.

For those with fragile or damaged hair, it's better to use a platinum card technique, or extra full foil highlight, to get that all over blonde effect.

Platinum Card

Platinum card is more stylist lingo. It's a blonding service that uses foils and bleach all over the head, applied to every strand of hair. All the hair is divided into small sections, bleach is applied, and the section is wrapped in foil to slow and extend the development time. Because sections are divided by foil, different levels of bleach can be used to tackle different areas around the head. This allows us to take a client with darker hair to a platinum blonde, and allows us to vary the strength of the lightener as we move around the head. The foils slow the dry time of the lightener, which gives us more lift.  The longer the lightener is still wet, the longer it stays active.

Blonde Hair and Platinum Looks

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Dimensional Blonde Hair

Blonde hair doesn't always mean the same intensity of blonde all over.  Whether you are looking to brighten your blonde locks or change your hair color from dark shades to bright blonde, you're in the right place! We have multiple options to create your perfect shade of multi tonal blonde hair, our experts will assess your skin tone, eye color and even personality to find your perfect blonde color, using foil highlights and lowlights to create a color as individual as you are.   

Beachy Blonde Hair

Natural blonde and sun kissed beachy blonde hair is a mix of tones so whether you want just a little blonde or a lot, we can add the perfect blonde tones for that California surfer girl look without hitting the waves!

Honey Blonde Hair

Honey blonde hair color is a classic neutral color that suits everyone. With its warm, rich caramel tones, honey blonde is perfect if you don’t want to go too light. If you have dark, brown or fair hair, we can weave some lovely caramel or honey tones through your hair to give it a gentle lift over the summer months.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

There is something very innocent about strawberry blonde hair, and wearing strawberry blonde hair color can make a statement. With its red tinged tones strawberry blonde looks refined and is one of the prettiest of the blonde tones.

All Over Blonding

Transforming to blonde hair all over requires an expert eye. Let us assess your skin tone, eye color and even your personality to find the blonde color that works best for you. We can create blondes with multi-dimensional hair colors, using subtle highlights and lowlights to create a blonde hair color that is perfectly tailored to you.

Please bear in mind that blonde hair transformations can can several steps and require patience. You may not get there overnight. Depending on how much lifting we need to do, it may take more than one appointment to achieve your desired blonde shade. Our advice is to enjoy each stage of your blonding journey, the results will be worth it! Together, we'll make a plan for your blonde transformation.

Platinum and Icy Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum blonde hair color is a bold statement, this is not a color for wall-flowers! Depending on your natural hair color, it may take a number of appointments to lift your hair color but rest assured our blonde hair specialists will be able to get you there with a little patience.  It may require a lot of maintenance or it may require you to strengthen your hair to protect against damage during the chemical processing.  Ask us about Olaplex and other hair repair treatments.

Blonde Color Correction, Blonde Hair Restoration

Are you the right shade of blonde? If you find that your blonde hair isn't working for you anymore, talk to us about what to do next. If your blonde hair looks brassy or if you've gone too light and need to tone it down a notch, let's talk about balancing and restoring your blond hair.

Maintaining Your Roots

With blonde hair comes responsibility. In order to maintain your look, you'll have to keep on top of your roots. Depending on your natural color and the amount of blonding we've done, we'll recommend the best intervals so you can plan your next visit. Plan to be in the salon every 6 weeks or so to touch up new growth.

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best platinum hair color salon in albuquerque
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best platinum hair color salon in albuquerque
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