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Introducing Cali Curl, Catch The Wave!

We are so excited to start offering this innovative service at Colour Me Beautiful! Run, don't walk, to try this new perm if you crave those in demand beach waves. Only this permanent wave service is so high tech it's a shame to call it a perm. It's more of a new age waving system!

  • Soft waves that won't wash away. Results last up to 6 months!
  • Bond repair technology to protect your hair during the process
  • Innovative perm rods for a totally customized kind of curl
  • Shorter time in the chair, about 1.5 hours from start to finish
  • A one-of-a-kind style, just like you!

Get Low-Maintenance, Long Lasting Beach Waves

There's something about the beach that gives every style an edge. After a day on the sand, warm air and salt water leave the hair looking a little wild. Beach hair is easy breezy, effortless, and low-key sexy with its tousled look. With Cali Curl, you can get beach waves any time of year, no beach required. 

How Cali Curl Works

Cali Curl is not your typical perm. There is a very specific process and technique to get you the perfect beach waves. It starts with dividing the hair in 6-12 sections. That's right, you're not going to have dozens of tiny rods all over your head. In fact their not rods at all, they're rings. And they're much bigger than how you remember a perm rod. Sections of hair are twisted first and then wrapped around the ring. Genius! 

We Customize Your Waves

We can create the exact look you want, from tighter waves to loopy waves, even long, layered, loose waves. The rings come in 4 different sizes so that we can customize the wave pattern for each section. We'll divide your sections and choose a ring size based on your hair’s length, density and desired style. We can even vary the ring size for each section. We can concentrate your waves on the sides and lengths if you don't want curl on top, or we can create wave and curl all over. Each Cali Curl service is truly one of a kind.

Cali Curl Works on Everyone

Because of the varying ring size and the sectioning technique, the Cali Curl perm gives a refreshingly unique result. And that makes Cali Curl attractive to just about anyone. Women who would never consider a typical perm are curious about Cali Curl.

  • Add volume to fine or thin hair
  • Add body to hair that struggles to hold a style
  • Add curls and waves to straight hair
  • Add more curl definition to hair that already has some texture

Look at these before and afters from Cali Curl!

How much does the Cali Curl Perm cost?

The Cali Curl service is priced upon consultation. We need to get an understanding of how much curl you want, and the length and density of your hair to determine how long the service will take and how much product we'll need to create the result. We'll be able to quote you a price at your consultation and review how it works and how to care for your curls at home. Consultations are always free at Colour Me Beautiful salon in Albuquerque, send us a request and we'll get you in the schedule.

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